Anavar hair loss

This is what I've read too, however from my mums side the guys got heads full of hair, even my great grand father had most of his hair at +90 years old lol. On my dads side, they are all almost bald.. and for me, my hair starts dropping very easily on steroids. For my first ever 20-week test cycle with Anavar I had no trouble. A year later tried Masteron and hair started dropping like crazy. Since I stopped it, I've been losing hair very easily on different compounds and even on just TRT alone.

But now I've managed to control it with fina per day and Minoxidil 2 x per day. Now trying some microneedling to get back the lost hair. 

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Anavar hair loss

anavar hair loss


anavar hair lossanavar hair lossanavar hair lossanavar hair lossanavar hair loss