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But the bodybuilders are treated almost like racehorses. When a racehorse breaks a foot or a leg, then it is no longer profitable. It is shot right away. Bodybuilders do not get shot with guns (with exceptions like Ray McNeill) but get shot with needles. And in many cases you have to just wait for too many shots over extended periods of time to cause a casualty or these guys just drop out because of fear of more health issues, or they are so deteriorated from being used for too long without getting the proper reimbursement, which is often "only" a fair placement.

Handcraft more than ever is a strong direction for the future. Since the two past decades, we have seen an increasing interest in handmade; first to rediscover nearly forgotten shapes and techniques, to associate these manmade objects with industrial ones, then to inspire serial productions with a handmade twist and now, more and more, to map a new road for creation taking into account not only local talents yet also local and sustainable production. A new way to look at history of man and to rethink ancestral knowledge in order to shape rooted, human and smart design for the future.

Brutal anadrol for sale uk

brutal anadrol for sale uk


brutal anadrol for sale ukbrutal anadrol for sale ukbrutal anadrol for sale ukbrutal anadrol for sale uk