Nap 50 first time user

UBER Early Adopter.
Get involved in the creative process and play with Napwell MONTHS before full production begins! We are looking for 4 people who want to help test our hand-built prototypes and provide valuable feedback. You will receive one of our first ever Napwell masks the day our KS campaign ends, help us refine the product, and explore creative possibilities before it hits the wider community. You can keep all early prototypes as collectibles and you will also receive a final production version of the Napwell when it ships. To be an UBER early adopter, you MUST live in Boston or the Bay Area. If you do not we will move you to the Limited Edition Kickstarter Napwell Mask backer level.

In order to apply for membership in NAP, you must first have an online account. You already have an online account if you have attended an NAP event in the past year, or you have previously applied for membership. If you do not have a user account, please go to New Visitor Registration , create an account, and then proceed to the appropriate membership application below.

In additon to completing the online application and paying the $50 application fee, please submitt the following three documents to complete your application:

Nap 50 first time user

nap 50 first time user


nap 50 first time usernap 50 first time usernap 50 first time usernap 50 first time usernap 50 first time user