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In the old days, dog food was dog food. You bought kibble or canned. Perhaps a brand had different flavors or meat sources. But there wasn’t a lot of choice when it came to the diet or recipes. This started changing in the 1970s and 80s and it’s been growing ever since. More dogs needed special diets for health reasons such as allergies. At the same time, pioneers like Dr. Pitcairn and others were shaking up thinking about how a dog should eat in order to be healthy. People were becoming more health conscious about their own diets and it was natural for them to be concerned about what their dogs were eating. As a result, dog food manufacturers responded by creating more and more specialized dog foods to appeal to this growing trend. Following the pet food recalls in 2007 due to melamine poisoning, dog owners became hyper aware of the ingredients in dog foods. Many owners began reading labels and asking questions for the first time. They wanted to know how the food was made, what ingredients were used, and where those ingredients came from. Predictably, the dog food industry responded with dog foods that are even more specialized now. You can buy human grade dog foods and foods made with free range chicken, grass-fed beef, and foods that are organic (or mostly organic). In short, the pet food industry is very drive by consumer demand so we have a lot of very specialized foods now. The . saw pet food sales of $ billion in 2013. You can find virtually any kind of diet you want for your dog. Here’s a look at some of the dog food diets you can choose for your dog today:

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Nap 50 ingredients

nap 50 ingredients


nap 50 ingredientsnap 50 ingredientsnap 50 ingredientsnap 50 ingredientsnap 50 ingredients