Steroids cyclists use

'Booth's rule #2', often attributed to skydiving pioneer Bill Booth , states, "the safer skydiving gear becomes, the more chances skydivers will take, in order to keep the fatality rate constant". [1] [42] Even though skydiving equipment has made huge leaps forward in terms of reliability, including the introduction of safety devices such as AADs , the fatality rate has stayed roughly constant when adjusted for the increasing number of participants. [43] [44] This can largely be attributed to an increase in the popularity of high performance canopies, which fly much faster than traditional parachutes. [45] A greater number of landing fatalities in recent years has been attributed to high speed maneuvers close to the ground. [46]

About two years ago, three-time Tour winner Greg LeMond and his wife, Kathy, felt compelled to remind people why they opposed doping so adamantly. In an essay on Greg's blog titled " Doping and The Story of Those We Love ,'" Kathy recalls a story she had told privately in the past, but has been reluctant to take public. In 1990, a call woke the couple in the middle of the night. The wife of Dutch cyclist Johannes Draaijer was sobbing. She had found him dead next to her in bed. An ambulance was on its way, but she knew it would be too late.

10. Ma’s Army
In 1993, a Chinese squad of female runners coached by Ma Junren won six of a possible nine medals at the world championships in Stuttgart. Shortly thereafter, one of Ma’s runners took a second chunk out of the 10,000m world record, though she ranked only 56 th in the event a year earlier. Skeptics cried steroids, but before drug use could be verified, Ma’s runners mutinied, sick of his masochistic workouts and lifestyle demands. China withdrew six of Ma’s runners (in addition to 21 other members of China’s Olympic team) from the 2000 Sydney Olympics before they could compete, presumably because China feared the athletes would test positive for EPO.

Steroids cyclists use

steroids cyclists use


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