What prohormone is like anavar

Many hormones and their structural and functional analogs are used as medication . The most commonly prescribed hormones are estrogens and progestogens (as methods of hormonal contraception and as HRT ), [12] thyroxine (as levothyroxine , for hypothyroidism ) and steroids (for autoimmune diseases and several respiratory disorders ). Insulin is used by many diabetics . Local preparations for use in otolaryngology often contain pharmacologic equivalents of adrenaline , while steroid and vitamin D creams are used extensively in dermatological practice.

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What prohormone is like anavar

what prohormone is like anavar


what prohormone is like anavarwhat prohormone is like anavarwhat prohormone is like anavarwhat prohormone is like anavarwhat prohormone is like anavar